DS Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary at 123 S Broad

In early May 2018, we said goodbye to our Chinatown office, and hello to our beautiful new space on Broad Street. Being in our new office has opened up a lot of opportunities for us to host events, encourage collaboration, and strengthen our tightly knit company culture.

And, over the course of the year, our appreciation for this space has grown exponentially! We love:

  • Being on the same floor. At our office in Chinatown our team occupied 3 floors! There were weeks where you might only see some team members on Mondays during stand-up meetings.
  • The central location. You just can’t beat the convenience of the 123 S Broad Street address.
  • Upgrades across the board. Usability labs, conference rooms, kitchen, roof deck, enormous windows (with a view!), and functioning elevators.
  • Parking validation for participants. We can now relieve the burden of paying for parking in the city! Participants can get their parking validated if they park in the Bellevue parking garage across the street.

Come visit us! Contact us at ihaveavoice@dscience.com to see if you qualify to participate in one of our paid, simulated studies. Or, if you need help developing and evaluating the next best thing, reach out to contact@dscience.com to connect with our usability experts.

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