In 2020 we are more design literate than ever, taking only moments to identify design in the world around us. It is in front of us at the self-check-out line, flashing above us on the crosswalk, and literally in the palms of our hands. Design influences all aspects of our community to create improved experiences. But how often do you recognize design in the doctor’s office, the hospital, or when your loved one has collapsed and you are the only one there to help them? Design firms are working hand-in-hand with the healthcare industry to consider these situations and guide the future of healthcare.

We are lucky to live in Philadelphia where there are many opportunities to improve lives through the partnership of Healthcare and Design. In fact, this March, Design Science is partnering with Think Company, Digitas, and Thomas Jefferson University’s new MS Health Communication Design Program to share how we each uniquely approach healthcare challenges. Register and join us for signature cocktails, tasty treats, and exciting stories about the future of healthcare:

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