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Stephen Wilcox Co-Writes Article on Human Factors Engineering

Is the awakening over? Has the medical industry finally come to embrace the benefits of human factors engineering…? In a word, the answer is “yes.” In more than a word, the answer is “not entirely.” In an article in INNOVATION’s summer 2014 issue, Michael Wiklund (of Wiklund Research & Design) and Stephen Wilcox, FIDSA, argue that human factors is a tool not only for evaluating a product’s. Read more

Steve Wilcox and Carmella Lee to Present at Inaugural IDSA Medical Design Conference

Design Science is happy to announce that we will be participating in the inaugural 2014 IDSA Medical Design Conference, The Usability Ecosystem. Read more

Pioneers and Engineers: the Evolving Field of Human Factors Engineering

The landscape of the medical device industry is transforming. As the tide of technological change reshapes how people interact with their devices, human factors engineers face the task of evolving with the industry. Read more

Medical Packaging Travels to the Land of Human Factors

What does a user do if his medication is child-proofed, but his illness causes him to have the dexterity of a child? Read more

3D Printing: Inspiring New Dimensions of Healthcare

What was once only known to specialists who created 3D prototypes is now a household name. 3D printers have captured the imagination of manufacturers, makers, the military, artists, and DIYers. Read more

Digital Health Update: Getting to the Right Data

At various events this spring, experts discussed the challenges of how to get and use data captured from digital health devices. Read more

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