The New Face of DS: Revamped and Refined

We are evolving! Or, more accurately, our identity is. Don’t worry; you will still recognize us. Our constant desire to communicate clearly to all populations is driving our transformation. Who are we and what do we do? So happy you asked!

We are design scientists with backgrounds in human factors, cognitive psychology, industrial design, information systems, medicine, and anthropology. We are champions of improving the quality of peoples’ lives through the skilled application of human factors engineering and ethnographic research.

What’s more, we are trailblazers! Founded in 1991, Design Science was one of the first consultancies to focus on the person-product interface. Our roots extend deep in those technologies where usability is mission critical—particularly in medical instruments, but also in other domains of devices: commercial, industrial, or consumer. We conduct rigorous research to optimize usability, safety, and customer appeal of products.

Our mission:

We amplify users’ needs to cultivate advancement in healthcare technology.

Our tagline:

Usability starts here.

Our logo:

Or, more simply, we are human factors consultants. What is human factors? We think of it as the science of everything that happens between people and the devices/systems they interact with. Although the average bear may only think of those oddly shaped ergonomic keyboards, human factors is actually wide-reaching.

Our previous logos (word marks) emphasized the differences between the dynamic duo of design and science—design presented in a sans serif typeface and science presented in a serif typeface—with a line separating the two words. The thought behind the direction of our new logo is a strong, back-to-the-basics science connection (read: molecule) with a playful touch (read: Jacks, TinkerToy). As a team of interdisciplinary design scientists, our chemical makeup celebrates the polar relationship between science and design, each discipline fueling the other towards ingenuity. And, most of all, design is a science.

Want to join us on our quest to improve peoples’ lives and influence the future of healthcare technology? Contact us at to participate in our usability studies or to join our team.



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