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Hello to our friends, family, customers, and other visitors. We’re glad that you’ve found your way to our recently launched website and the first entry of our blog. We encourage you to look around.


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Design Science is a consultancy leading the way in user research practices and interaction design. Most know us for our full-service usability testing and our pioneering work in observational research—particularly as we apply these to medical device R&D. We've been deeply involved in this industry for many years, and our commitment to shaping its direction and helping its many stakeholders continues to drive our company’s mission. We also know our way around consumer, industrial, and commercial products—our methodologies and tools are broadly applicable for creating value through a user-centric design process.

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At Design Science we employ specialists of all kinds—many are on the front lines during projects, and many work behind our doors to ensure delivery of top-notch services. The goal of this blog is to engage our readers, provide new ideas about design research, and explain what Design Science is all about. We want you to hear from our founders, our people finders, and our philosophizing database managers. In this blog we will keep our readers up to date with Design Science news. We will also provide thoughtful commentary on “things to know” within the medical-device industry, such as events, trends, new methodologies, and what's happening with relevant standards.

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We are excited to have this new channel for communication. We hope you’ll return often and take something away from each of our posts.

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